About the Conference

It is a familiar refrain but the drums are pronouncing loudly again that New York has died, the victim of COVID-19.  Tight, congested, overpopulated urban spaces like New York's are anathema in the era of social distancing, work-from-home jobs and streaming video entertainment.  The city's visceral rhythm and physical vitality are derided as relics of an outmoded world pushed aside by technology and an ever-accepted virtual reality.

These claims are patently false on their surface - however, like the rest of the planet, our city will change dramatically and in ways that are uncertain.  Over eight consecutive weeks this conference will examine industries and sectors that define New York.  Its central focus will revolve around the issues our city will face as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.  It is designed with optimism in mind and the evidence that our city's best days are still ahead.

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